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50 Crazy Things People Say


About Roy

Roy Dixon Jr. enjoys a multi-dimensional platform. He is an author, business consultant, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and a spiritual growth coach. From rich or poor, Corporate America to The Bureau of Prisons, Roy has touched and influenced countless people around the country with his life experiences and deep reservoir of winning life principles.

Roy holds a B.A. in Communications Studies from Northwestern University, Evanston Illinois. Roy is passionate concerning those seeking another chance at life, as well as those looking to maximize their God-given gifts and talents. Today, Roy serves clients ranging from corporations, entrepreneurs, singles, married couples, parents, college students and those who feel disenfranchised with life.

50 Crazy Things People Say

50 Things (Cover) Final v4

Roy is the author of 50 Crazy Things People Say Volume 1. This book is powerful and life changing!


In 50 Crazy Things Christians Say Volume 1, (breaking the word curse tradition), the readers are forced to come face to face with the words they speak. They are taken on a journey of self-awareness that will lead them to a Life of Healing, Abundance and Freedom. Indeed, life and death are in the power of our words. Our words can set us free from life’s bandages or they can bring sickness and despair. The Awesome News Is… You Get To Decide!

Just as we are what we eat…We live and experience life according to our words.

The Power To Change Your Life Begins Today!

God designed the human body to heal itself; In this segment of Health...Wealth...Wise, we will breakdown (Must Tune In)

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